Troubled Waters
Derwent Water
The Plough, or Ursa Major over Howden Reservoir in the Peak District The Plough over Howden
Newborough Warren beach at sunset Winter Sunset
Aurora Borealis over Lauvesnes village; Flatanger Komunne, Nord Trondelag.

The bright light on the left is my friend Oles' back yard light - one day I'll get around to removing it!

The Norse legends have it that the Northern Lights are Valkyries riding out across the battlefield - hence the title. Valkyries
Partly frozen waterfall, Cwm Idwal, North Wales Ice on the Falls
Calm Waters and Stormy Skies
Stormy skies extinguishing the last rays of sunlight over Gradbach in the Peak District National Park. God Rays
Late afternoon sunlight on Axe Edge in the Peak District Contre-jour
A panoramic view of Gradbach from Wildboarclough in the Peak District The Cold Light of Day
A Dark Peak female adder in a threat posture.
The Dark Peak, Eastern Moors, Derbyshire. UK. European Adder on Sandstone
Pale phase male European Adder from a unique site in the Eastern Moors, Derbyshire. UK. European Adder
Another slow-shutter gull shot "The Souls of Dead Sailors" 2
Herring Gulls are supposed to be the souls of sailors lost at sea - a slow shutter speed does make it look that way! "The Souls of Dead Sailors" 1
Even straight into a setting sun these eagles never miss. "Like Shelling Peas"
Porth y Post, a small bay on Anglesey. Porth y Post
A nearly monochromatic composite image derived from 3 in-situ frames. "Moonshine"
A view of Derwent Water in the Lake District with Barrow and Skiddaw in the background. Derwent Water
A stack of 150x 30sec exposures "Hurry By"
A solitary hawthorn bush clings to a north-facing slope in the Peak District National Park. "Solitude"
English Oaks reflected in a flooded wheat field surrounded by early morning mist. "Sentinals"
A Norwegian White-tailed eagle giving a fishing demonstration.</p>

<p>Made Editors Choice - whey-hey! "At Full Stretch"
A shot from Norway in the summer of 2011. Wheat crop waving in the wind. A Norwegian Wave
Red Fox (vixen) in dappled early morning light. "On High Alert"
The old World War II Catalina slip-way at Saunders Roe, now Faun, on Anglesey North Wales.
<br />A composite of two "in-situ" images. Fryers Bay